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Our Mission

The ITA/GC’s focus is on practicality: on building knowledge and enabling relationships that help people do international business. While our scope of interest is complex-all aspects of trading across all geographies and all industries-our work is simple: to help others gain understanding that is personal, current, and useful.

ITA/GC is known for independence and balance; we do not develop opinions or hold positions, and we have no political affiliation. We deliver value by providing the means to share and expand a base of knowledge in management, administration, finance, law, marketing, operations, and R&D through a range of programs and services.

Events include conferences, seminars, and panel discussions on topics of current interest. The association usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month, usually in Rosemont, Illinois, adjacent to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Our sessions are facilitated by industry speakers, professional specialists, academics, and government officials.

We produce and distribute the well-known Illinois International Business Calendar to help promote a range of programs which we sponsor directly, as well as unaffiliated events of interest to members and other international business professionals. The Association also sponsors several social events throughout the year where members enjoy additional networking opportunities.

The ITA/GC provides a number of workshops, often concentrated one-day or half-day sessions enabling working knowledge of specific technical areas, such as import/export management and Incoterms.

Publications: the monthly ITA/GC Newsletter and one-off pieces as appropriate.
White Papers: balanced overview of key trends through access to materials originated by relevant parties.
Technical Resources: trade literature, pamphlets, books, and reports, delivered in print and on line.
Research: surveys and benchmark studies on international trade issues.

Member Services
ITA/GC members enjoy additional benefits; these are outlined in the section “Benefits of Membership.”