David B. Kouidri, Liaison Director

David Kouidri

Currently, as President of Polydec International, Mr. Kouidri is responsible for building up the international office of a Swiss micro-technology manufacturer with jurisdiction over North America as well as Japan and China. Under his leadership, Polydec has experienced successful new market penetration and growth in new markets within his jurisdiction.

Prior to Polydec, he served the Swiss Government for seven years as Trade Commissioner based in Chicago, where, among other tasks, he advised over 60 Swiss companies on entry strategy and implemented numerous promotional efforts, such as co-initiated the Cows on Parade® program (1999), the Swissnanotech® initiative (2001 – 2005), the Swissmedtech® initiative (2004 – 2005), and the Swiss Week™ celebration (1998 – 1999). He was also the Special Advisor to the Swiss government in the field of nanotechnology where he advises the Swiss Minister Councellor for Trade Promotion in the US on opportunities and challenges affecting the Swiss industry.

While in the private sector, he successfully introduced high-end recordable equipment into Central Europe as a product manager and assisted Fortune 500 companies enter the Middle East and North African markets as a program coordinator.

Mr. Kouidri has authored papers including “Technology Transfer and the Inefficiencies of Interactions”, “The New Role of Government in the Innovation Cycle”, as well as numerous analyses of markets and their dynamics. He has lectured on international market entry strategies, new industry creation models, and numerous other topics in Europe, the US, and China.

His appointments include Current Member, Board of the Swiss American Business Council; Current Member, Board of the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago; Past Member, DePaul University Department of Management Advisory Committee; Past Member, Advisory Committee of the International Trade Club of Chicago; Past Member, Global Connect Council – Chicagoland Chamber; and Past Chair of the Chicago International Trade Commissioners Association, a group of all foreign government trade missions in the Midwest, among others.

David can be reached at David.Kouidri@gmail.com.