Zachary Person, Vice President

Zachary Person has been helping businesses make money, save money, navigate downturns and capitalize upswings for more than a decade. Zach has held multiple leadership roles, ranging from Global Sales & Marketing Director to Program/Project Manager, and he excels at bringing teams together to achieve a common goal.

Along the way, he has launched products in 30+ countries around the world, built, reorganized and grown international sales/marketing/operation departments and served as a trusted advisor to a number of executive teams. With a career spanning private and public sector, consulting and entrepreneurship, Zach brings a holistic view and unique perspective to challenges facing businesses today.

He is a long-time board member in the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, has lived and worked outside the U.S. and his key credentials include a BA in both Marketing and German Studies and a PMP Certification.

Zach lives in Chicago, Illinois and enjoys giving back to the community by mentoring young professionals and donating time to startup companies and small businesses.